Doctors, Are You Interested in Adding Liposuction to Your Practice?

We have developed an affordable preceptorship program to augment traditional training offered by equipment manufacturers and some professional organizations. Training courses are many. The good ones are expensive. Some of the expensive ones aren’t that good. Our medical director has attended most of them, or at least reviewed materials from all the popular ones.

We offer a unique 3 staged approach to training physicians and surgeons interested in body sculpting.

-Our director will share with you lessons learned from performing over 850 surgeries, almost 2000 procedures using different lasers, VASER, Nutational (vibration-assisted) and simple tumescent technique.

-You will learn that the most practical aspects of these techniques were developed by a dermatologist, and not plastic surgeons. You will learn the differences between those traditional procedures done by plastic surgeons and those feasible in an office setting.

-You will be able to explain to patients the differences as well as the advantages. Modifications and improvements have evolved from input by physicians and surgeons in many specialties. We combine information and skills learned under several different auspices to generate a unique perspective based on sound medical judgment and good surgical technique.

-We will teach you how to perform an office-based, minimally invasive procedure on awake patients without risks associated with general anesthesia, IV, sedation, or other nosocomial sequelae.

-While not yet approved for CME credit, we emphasize the concerns relevant to initiating or expanding a service in your practice. This leaves us free to discuss different brands of equipment, different techniques employed by various surgeons and even recommendations on the training available across the country.

Level I
Includes one to three hours of didactics with emphasis on the practical considerations and matters of concern to you. Relevant history of tumescent anesthesia and pharmacology of lidocaine is discussed. Equipment options and staff training are discussed. Patients are given substantially discounted fees in exchange for allowing you to observe. You will see at least two procedures. Concerns about non-plastic surgeons performing this procedure are addressed. (See also This level of exposure is ideal for a physician or surgeon who has not yet performed liposuction or purchased equipment.

Level II
Involves early hands on exposure to body contouring procedure. This course is designed for physicians or surgeons who have attended a course offered by equipment manufacturers or elsewhere or who have attended our level I course. Doctors are encouraged to provide your own patients or we will provide two or more for you. Patients are given substantially discounted fees in exchange for allowing you to work on them. Unless you attended our level I course a brief telephone interview with our medical director is required to arrange a level II course.

Level III
Is intended for doctors who have already done some body sculpting. We will work with you on areas of the body where you either have difficulty, or areas where you have not performed surgery before. Traditional courses only expose you to limited number of patients. We will enable you to become comfortable working areas that you may have only seen a case or two or less. Doctors are encouraged to provide your own patients or we will provide two or more for you per surgical day. Patients are given substantially discounted fees in exchange for allowing you to perfect your skills as our medical director assists and supervises.

In all three courses, we share with you pearls learned from performing over 2000 procedures and from taking over 350 hours of relevant CME, as well as lessons learned from interacting with colleagues just like you. We share our successes and challenges and help you to avoid mistakes made by others. There is always more than one approach to body sculpting. Alternatives are discussed, where practical, and demonstrated. While our program was designed for one-on-one interaction, we will discount a tutorial for two or more physicians. Discounts available for doctors traveling more than 500 miles.

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