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WISE Medical Center is the premier source for consumer driven healthcare services, not always available in a standard medical office setting. The emphasis is to facilitate episodic and innovative medical services and cosmetic surgical procedures where the emphasis is on personal image enhancement, as well as anti-aging services. The patient is the focus of our energies at WISE Medical Centers. Our most solemn pledge is to identify those services that people want, need and deserve, and provide them at the highest level of quality and service.

We work for, and are compensated by, our patients. We will not compromise the needs, wants or desires of our patients for sake of any third party. With the wisdom of a comprehensive medical approach, superior surgical skills, quality customer service-oriented patient care, and creative service offerings, we will thrive upon provision of services to those who appreciate and recognize the added value we bring to all our services.


WISE has built its reputation by being the very best at all we do. We have achieved the success we have without extensive resources expended on marketing and advertising. Our reputation continues today, and will carry on far into the future. Our patients know that excellence is in the very foundation of our being.

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