Concierge Care (WISE VIP)

What is a WISE VIP?

People have referred to the style of practice we are developing as a “concierge” or “boutique” model of medical practice. We prefer describing it as a membership type retainer, fee-based, direct payment model. Patients who choose to arrange this type of  relationship with the doctor appreciate the value of time, patience and respect that your doctor maintains for you.

Patients, like any other consumer, deserve to get their money’s worth. In typical practices, where basically the doctor is in the insurance billing business, generating insurance claims is the focus of most activity. There can be a constant preoccupation with what is covered and what is not; with worrying about deductibles and co-pays, constant distractions by “prior authorizations” and the like- all while facing the reality of reduced reimbursement necessitating that a doctor must see 4 to 6 people an hour to cover the overhead required to be in the insurance billing business. The insurance industry and the government do not have the patient’s best interest at heart when they make policy decisions. Politicians who invoke these policies frequently choose this concierge model rather than be treated like everyone else themselves. Therefore, we don’t receive any of our compensation for services from people more focused on returns for their stockholders or getting re-elected.

At WISE medical Center we are striving to restore the confidence and credibility that has been lost by reducing doctors to “participating or network providers.” WISE VIP’s are always personally cared for by our medical director, Dr. Thomas J. Locke, III within one business day of requesting an appointment. Visit to learn more about the doctor.

The description “concierge” does convey the customer service type spirit we offer. The term “boutique” does convey the spirit of a personal touch we offer our patients. But we don’t like the pejorative undertones these terms have carried over the years. Therefore, we prefer to simply think of our patients as special “VIP’s”-who appreciate and compensate us for the service we provide. By using a retainer fee-based approach, i.e. being paid directly by our patients and not some third party, we can avoid having to spend time discussing money and financial matters during our encounters with our patients. Our time spent with each individual, addressing their concerns and the important medical or surgical issues pertinent to their care- is our greatest asset. We almost never schedule more than two patients in an hour and we don’t care about what is or is not covered by some disinterested insurance company, only what is necessary or important to our patients.

So, if you have decided to become a WISE VIP, we thank you for making the WISE choice!!!!