Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

cosmetic surgery


At W.I.S.E. Medical Center we want to educate you on the differences between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and why we have chosen Cosmetic Surgery, or Cosmetic Procedures, as the type of surgery we endorse for aesthetic image enhancement.  Being misinformed about surgical procedures places consumers at risk.

Quick Definitions:

Cosmetic Surgery:  Focuses on enhancing a patient’s appearance thru surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic procedures are generally initiated by the patient, and are not necessary, but desired. Cosmetic surgery is primarily learned during a Doctor’s post-residency through ongoing, continuing education, training and experience.  Cosmetic surgeons will have a varied background with many different specialties that are multi-disciplinary, and cross over to enhance the entire body.

Plastic Surgery:  Defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of defects due to birth, disorders, trauma, and disease. Surgical training is extensive and limited to reconstruction of the head and neck, unless they branch out to cosmetic procedures.  While board certification may support competency in “plastic surgery”, it does not demonstrate competency in “cosmetic surgery”.


Why Cosmetic Surgery is Our WISE Choice:

Progress in technology have made it feasible to safely perform many cosmetic procedures in an office setting, that once could have only been performed in a hospital OR.  A whopping 95% of all complications with aesthetic procedures are related to general anesthesia, or hospital-related infections.

At W.I.S.E. Medical Center, our patients return to normal activities within a day, or 2 and do not have to be put to sleep with general anesthesia. Complications are very rare in our experience.  In over 2000 cosmetic procedures, we have experienced only a few cases of concern, due to a medication reaction, or minor infection.  All issues resolved quickly and satisfactorily.


Why Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon and How Do You Choose?

Consumers are easily misled to believe that a physician with a board certification is the only measure of competence.  It is not…and maybe not even a good way to measure competence.  Doctors develop their cosmetic surgical skills through post residency training and experience….not by being a “board certified” plastic surgeon.

In order to identify the most qualified doctor for your cosmetic procedure, you will need to look at their post residency training and experience.  Point:  A cosmetic surgeon’s skill and ability will depend on their cosmetic surgery training and experience, NOT on their board certification for a surgical specialty.


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