Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women with Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone in Women

Not many women are familiar with the use of testosterone in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because they think of is as strictly a male hormone.  But, women have testosterone levels also, about 1/10 that found in men.  Women have some differences in the responses and symptoms of testosterone functions than that of men.low testosterone in women

One thing we have found for certain, testosterone plays a very important part in helping women feel more vibrant and more sexual.  In addition, testosterone helps the female brain become more focused, and helps with a younger, healthier look and feel, when testosterone is present at normal female levels.

Testosterone also assists in stronger bones, which decreases the risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis. It can improve skin condition, which results in a younger look.  Improvements are also seen in muscle tone and a reduction of body fat, even without changes in diet and exercise. Added sensitivity of touch is a bonus, which can increase intimacy in couples, along with better orgasms.  Testosterone pellets are very successful for increasing libido, and tend to increase orgasms in the G-Spot, regardless of clitoral stimulation and can produce much stronger orgasms than before.  These pellets can be used along with estrogen pellets, and are quickly and easily implanted under the skin as an in-office procedure. The pellets provide a time release of hormones over several months.

All of these benefits are the natural results of  women having that all-important, optimal amount of testosterone in their system. Women feel an overall sense of well-being with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


Low Testosterone in Women: Signs and Symptoms

Testosterone deficiency in women is not always recognized by doctors. Women often complain about symptoms that are similar to depression and anxiety, and are prescribed antidepressants when low testosterone is misdiagnosed.

Low testosterone in women can be seen as “living in a fog”, with poor cognitive function and lack of focus or drive. These conditions are seen in post menopausal and menstruating women, and present primarily as low libido any time of the month.


Low Testosterone in Women Questionnaire

  1.  Are you uninterested in sex, and have seen a decrease in libido?
  2.  Are you unfocused during sexual activity and are not physically and mentally engaged?
  3.  Do you have night sweats and/or hot flashes?
  4.  Do you have difficulty sleeping, or staying asleep?
  5.  Do you consistently feel physically and mentally exhausted?
  6.  Do you, out of character, feel depressed, irritable, or cry easily without reason?
  7.  Are you experiencing uncomfortable vaginal dryness?
  8.  Are you having unusual anxiety?
  9.  Are you having heart palpitations?
  10.  Are you having unexplained joint and muscle pain?
  11.  Are you experiencing decreased sensitivity in with your vulva and nipples?


If you answered YES to more than a few of these questions, call us for a Low T, or Low Testosterone screening for women. After your test results are reviewed, we can offer a customized approach to raising testosterone levels back to normal female levels.