Low Testosterone Questionnaire for Males

Could You Have Low Testosterone Levels?


low testosterone menTestosterone is the primary “male” hormone.  When levels are low, there are health consequences.  A simple review of your signs and symptoms can be quite revealing.  And, a simple blood test can check your level of testosterone.  You will want to compare how you feel presently in comparison to how you felt as a younger man.  Thus, there should be no such thing as normal aging.




Look over the following questions:

  • Have you had difficulty losing weight?
  • Do you have a decrease in sex drive?
  • Are your erections less firm than before?
  • Do you lack energy in general?
  • Have you experienced a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
  • Have you noticed a deterioration in your athletic performance?
  • Does being tired affect your performance at work or your interaction with friends and family?
  • Is your mood just not right?  Are you irritable?  Sad?  Grumpy?
  • Is your quality of sleep a concern?
  • Do you experience excessive sleepiness following a big meal?
  • Are you less productive at work?


If you answered YES to some or many of these questions, do not ignore these symptoms.  You may have a very treatable problem with low testosterone or other hormonal conditions.  Blood tests (and sometimes saliva tests) and consulting with your doctor who has considerable expertise in treating these conditions can help you remedy a low testosterone condition.

We’d like you to review the questions and share the answers during your visit to assist us in helping you.  Call us today at 770-680-2197 to schedule a male hormone screening panel.