Buttocks Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift and Suture Suspension Lift

Contouring, reshaping and rendering your buttocks to be “perkier” requires more than just transferring fat and enlarging the buttocks for a fuller look.  Come in today for a complimentary consultation to discuss which Buttocks Augmentation procedure is the right option for you, based on your goals and body shape.




Aggressively reducing a women’s waistline frequently does more to flatter the hips; combined with contouring of the thighs, or our unique “Suture Suspension” lift. With these points in mind, we can create an attractive head turning rear view customized to maximally enhance your body.  All the methods we utilize are feasible and safe under tumescent anesthesia with mild sedation. You will see immediate results!

Before & After




Key Benefits of Suture Suspension

  • Essentially NO SCARRING. The procedure is performed using small incisions and internal maneuvering under the skin, affording you a smooth and natural look with no visible scars.
  • Can be combined with Autologous Fat Transfer.
  • No general anesthesia. Some request IV sedation. Suture suspension is performed with tumescent anesthesia using a local anesthetic, meaning that you will comfortable and awake during the procedure. Safe, effective, affordable.
  • A natural look. Treated areas look smoother, lifted, and younger with no surgical scarring.
  • Immediate results. With very little down time, results are visible right away.
  • Permanent but potentially reversible results. Unlike other less-invasive procedures, the results of a suture suspension lift are permanent – but the lift can be reversed at any time if absolutely necessary.

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