Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer to Hands and Body:  Use Your Own Fat to Re-Contour Your Body With Liposculpture!  Safely. Naturally. Permanently!

Transfer fat from an unwanted place on your body, to another area that needs a boost. This procedure is safe, and requires only tiny 3-4 mm (or smaller) incisions. At the WISE Cosmetic surgery Center, we transfer harvested fat to the buttocks, breasts, and hands, when desired.

The tumescent (local) anesthetic will last for approximately 18-36 hours. Recovery time is minimal. Most patients can expect to return to their normal daily routine within 3-4 days and will require only Tylenol for pain after they leave the center. A small amount of bruising, redness or swelling in the donor and receiving areas of the body is normal.

Breast Implant Issues and Options

Liposculpture, or breast and buttocks enhancement with your own fat is completely natural in its feel and appearance, and the enhancement is virtually undetectable. Equally impressive is the combined approach of waist reduction via liposuction with transfer of fat to the buttocks to maximally flatter the hips.

Concerns have been raised about use of implants. For example, women receiving silicone gel breast implants have experienced occasional complications including needing additional surgery to fix or replace them.  The most common side effects of implants are capsular contracture, or hardening of the breast around the implant, re-operation and implant removal. Other side effects of implants may include implant rupture, leakage, scarring, pain and infection.

Now women have another viable option when considering the benefits and risks of breast implants. Fat Transfer is another option to consider as women choose to make well-informed decisions about breast and buttocks enlargement..


Come in for a complimentary consultation on Fat Transfer and ask about the new stem cell technology used in breast and butt augmentation.