Natural Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer to the Breasts.  Many women want to enhance the fullness, size, shape or cleavage of their breasts. When a dramatic change is desired, implants are the way to go. However sometimes only a subtle enhancement, just a bit more cleavage, a little more perkiness or restoration of their original youthful appearance is desired. When a more subtle, safer, elegant enhancement is preferred, Autologous Fat Transfer is the way to go for natural breast augmentation.

When having a liposuction procedure for another body part, why waste all of that good fat??

In comes Liposculpture: reshaping the body by removing fat and adding it back to the right places.

WISE cosmetic surgeons can transfer fat from an unwanted place on your body, to another area that needs a boost, using an artistic eye.

This procedure is safe, and requires only tiny 3-4 mm (or smaller) incisions. At the WISE Cosmetic surgery Center, we transfer harvested fat to the buttocks and breasts when desired. A breast enhancement with your own fat is completely natural in its feel and appearance, and the enhancement is virtually undetectable.

When you come for your complimentary consultation, ask about the new stem cell technology used in buttocks and natural breast augmentation.