Autologous Fat Transfer

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Autologous Fat Transfer, in which fat is delicately removed from your body using a gentle liposuction technique. At the WISE Cosmetic surgery center, we either use a VASER technique or the infrasonic technique, depending on the patient’s specific needs. The fat cells are then harvested, purified and then either transferred immediately or only the best tissue stored in special conditions for future use.

Modern technology gives us the ability to harvest fat from undesired areas and redistribute fat to the chest and derriere ( Brazilian butt lift ) to help women obtain shapely bodies. Similar techniques allow for transfer to the face to restore a youthful appearance by eliminating facial folds and wrinkles. With the technologies we use there is no need to be put to sleep.

Fat transfer is a tedious process that must be done correctly to keep the fat from being re-absorbed by the body. This is why most plastic surgeons prefer the quicker, more profitable method of breast implants. However, the look and feel of implants comparatively speaking is not as natural in appearance and may not be as long-lasting of the Autologous Fat Transfer.

Fat transfers have been performed in South American and European countries for decades, but they are relatively new to the U.S. Improvements in older technologies make it possible to do these procedures in an office setting. Another unique twist is the suture suspension lift which can be combined with the fat transfer when appropriate or desirable to create the ultimate in an attractive heinie or subtle enhancements of the breasts in appropriate candidates.

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